In a world far from perfect, I am more interested in the aspect of showing the viewer what could be, or the visual way in which I see the world as opposed to simply photographing a bleak literal interpretation that shows the viewer what is. Maybe my visual philosophy contradicts the medium of photography itself, but if we don't hold true to our own vision, then why bother doing it?


The aspect of making deep political,social,or philosophical statements with my photographs is not a priority for me.There are enough inequities,social ills,and sadness in the world already that the media covers incessantly.Perhaps the editor of Art Times said it best when he wrote the following.



"Where is it written that our sensibilities must be sullied by the seamier side of life along with our intellects? We know the world is a vale of tears.Must art pile it on in yet heavier doses? There was a time when the world thought that the artist was chosen, and that they were on a mission not to tell us what we have but what we might have if we'd only get our act together and see beyond the obvious.Art was supposed to transcend life, not imitate it.


Crap is obvious - and I for one am wearied by its presence. Show me please the light at the end of the tunnel.Show me yet once again how beauty can nourish my inner being.


Don't show me what is, show me what can be,and how I might get there - even if only in my mind - as I lose myself in a painting,a musical score,a poem,or photograph".


Raymond Steiner, Editor Art Times Journal


I make my photographs because quite simply I have to. They are a part of me and who I am. My pictures are made soley by hardwork,patience, and quiet observations using a 100 year old Graflex sheet film camera, and 19th century printing processes. In our digital age of rapid fire cameras and gigabytes I believe my methodology and approach projects my contemporary vision forward, while at the same time celebrating the roots of photography in its purest form.